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Unifying the not for profit sector

Large organisations are able to obtain lower prices by buying large quantities, and locking in deals for repeat business. Many not-for-profit organisations (whether large or small) aren’t able to achieve this by themselves and this is where CCI can help. By unifying the not for profit sector, CCI is able to conduct tenders that make suppliers see a large united purchasing power and as a result, gain great pricing and supply terms for its members.

Access to Australia’s leading suppliers

Suppliers know that by working with CCI they are able to expand their distribution, improve their efficiencies (through uniform agreements and pricing) and improve their positive impact in the community. It’s these benefits that allow them to provide excellent pricing and service to the CCI member base.

Tendering and contract management

All products are tendered or benchmarked using a rigorous process that meets best practice guidelines. CCI is constantly updating requirements for these tenders and take feedback from members to ensure that their needs are consistently met.

CCI meets frequently with suppliers to ensure that they are meeting expectations, opportunities for member savings are followed up on and that member satisfaction levels are maintained.

All supplier agreements are governed under CCI’s Governance Framework which includes category specific Quality Standards, Communication Plans, Performance Indicators which are all included under the Head Agreement CCI have with each supplier.

Flexibility to use who you wish

CCI members have access to suppliers that are offering great products and services at great prices. By becoming a member, you can pick and choose which suppliers to use, you’re not locked in to the suppliers that we have selected. This means you can maintain your flexibility in some categories and gain the unified not for profit sector benefits in others.

Membership fees

CCI membership is a low cost annual fee, just $85 for a single location organisation or $110 for an organisation with multiple sites. The majority of organsiations can save this membership within just a month of becoming a CCI member and for medium and larger sized organisations, the membership can be paid back in just one order.

Support at every stage

Once you’ve decided to become a member, follow our quick sign up process and we’ll be in touch. A CCI team member will reach out to discuss your needs and will help guide you through the process of engaging with the wide range of CCI suppliers.

Should you ever be unhappy with the service being provided by a supplier, let us know and we’ll be happy to help where we can. We’re dedicated to helping the not for profit sector to deliver more to the community, so your success is ours as well.

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